P-321 Dry Eye Disease


Dry Eye Disease Overview

dryDry eye is a common chronic disease that affects up to 30% of the U.S. population and its prevalence is expected to increase.  Dry eye is associated with discomfort of the eye including constant irritation, pain, and foreign body sensation.  If left untreated, dry eye can progress to more significant disease impacting visual function and compromising the health of the eye. It is estimated that 40% of visits to eye care providers are driven by signs and symptoms of dry eye disease, indicating the significant impact dry eye can cause on an individual’s quality of life.

One of the hallmarks of dry eye disease is the imbalance of the major components of the tear film that results in dehydration of the ocular surface.  The lack of sufficient tear fluid to protect the eyes leads to a chronic cycle of inflammation and damage to the ocular surface.  Parion has developed novel strategies to target the underlying cause of dry eye: the need for increased tear fluid to protect the eyes.

P-321 for Dry Eye Disease

The volume of tears on the eyes is the result of a delicate balance between tear production and tear loss.  The epithelial sodium channel on the surface of the eye, promotes the loss of tear volume through the regulation of sodium and water absorption. P-321 Ophthalmic Solution is a novel inhibitor of ENaC, which blocks the loss of tears through the absorptive pathway.  In multiple pre-clinical models of dry eye, ENaC inhibitors have demonstrated the ability to essentially restore and maintain normal tear volume.  Parion has completed a phase 1/2a clinical study in 53 patients with dry eye disease and is pursuing the next steps in the clinical development for this program.